Custom Driveshaft Builder

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Custom Drive Shaft Services

Rockford Driveline specializes in OEM replacement and custom built drive shafts for any application from utility to racing.  Our shop is capable of building or rebuilding a steel, aluminum, or even carbon fiber drive shaft in a variety of sizes needed.  We offer quick turnaround times and quality service to get your project rolling.

When measuring for a custom driveshaft, we ask for a few simple measurements to make sure you get what you need without issues as well as provide us with the year, make, and model of your vehicle.


One important part when obtaining a correct measurement on your drive shaft is the knowledge of your drive shaft configuration. There are 4 common types of drive shaft configurations:

  • End yoke to end yoke (Measure from the center of one U-Joint to the center of the other U-Joint)

  • Spline to end yoke (Measure from the tip of the spline to the center of the U-Joint)

  • Flange to flange (Measure from the face of the first flange to the face of the 2nd Flange)

  • End yoke to flange (Measure from the center of the U-joint to the face of the flange)

Another important part when it comes to measuring a drive shaft is identifying the U joint series.

Measuring guides for each type of drive shaft configuration:

atv utv Custom Driveshaft Builder